Stuff I Want…

…but that my wife won’t let me have.

So that’s not entirely true.  But it kind of is.  Once upon a time, before I was married and a dad, I could spoil myself with the latest cool stuff.  Now, I have to be smart and think about saving money to pay for diapers.  formula. clothes.  boy band albums.  college.  I know it seems kind of petty to keep a blog page about cool shit I want, but part of this whole coping with being a new parent thing is about coming to terms with sacrifice.  Acknowledging the things I’m drooling over validates it for me. I also figure I should put the broad-based “family” wishlist on here, for stuff the wife and kid want. Everyone deserves some consumption-based love, right?

The Full-On Family Wish List

So.  Let’s call this Bradley’s Dream-Bachelor-Wish-List.  If I manage to score any of these things it’s because I have somehow brainwashed le wife into thinking that it will be to the benefit of our entire family.  Anyway, this is a working dream list.  And I dream big.  That’s the point, right?

Macbook Air 13inch;

Kindle! (you know, cause I have tons of time to read)

Manly Gas Weber Grill

Tag Watch

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