Photo Equipment

A blog is only as good as the photos, right?  Let’s not forget, though, that a photo is only as good as the camera that captures it, and a camera is only as good as the eye/perspective of the beholder.  Even still, you all deserve to know the latest device upon which I’m capturing the latest images.  So here you go:

Point and Shoot: Canon Powershot S90 IS

This is our go-to pocket Camera.  It’s pretty much in our diaper bag at all times so we never miss an opportunity to capture the munchkin when she’s doing something cute.  It’s a true point and shoot as my wife will agree that it’s magically easy to use.  I love it because there are two manual adjustment rings, so I can adjust white balance and iso, or Aperture and Shutter speed with the flick of a finger.  The real kicker on this camera is its low light performance.  It’s also got a newer generation image sensor, so the quality of the images is vastly superior to standard models.  Of course there’s a premium on it as a result.

DSLR: Nikon D3100 with 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Prime Lens

I love, love, love, this camera  The only reason it’s not our go-to camera is because of its relative size and  fragility to the S90.  The combination of manual controls and prime 35mm lens means I have to do a lot of footwork to get that perfect shot,  but I can get away with never using the flash (which, unless heavily diffused, always washes the V-monster out).  The bokeh on the lens is a bit hit or miss at times as points of light in the background don’t really take an ideal shape, though I generally like the softness of the blurred lines in the background.  When shooting at wide open apertures the depth field is so limited it really creates compelling images that draw you in to my subject.  I don’t really mind since this blog is pretty devoted to singular subject matter and experiences: Vivienne.  The rest is all background noise, anyway.

Mobile Device: HTC Droid Incredible

I really do love my droid; it’s great for beaming up quick images on the spot to facebook or sending off a quick email to family.  It’s rated to eight million pixels, but I shoot lower quality generally, and the image sensor pales in comparison to the above two cameras.  Even still, it fills a niche.

Video: 2nd Gen Flip Mino HD Pocket Camcorder

The flip is great with one caveat.  I never remember to use it.  We carry it in the diaper bag right next to the Canon, but nine times out of ten, it’s the canon that emerges from the bag when we want to document something.  I’ll continue to try and work on this because HD video totally trumps the video capabilities of the other cameras above.  I actually think the HTC incredible also does HD video, but I never remember to use that, either.  Woops!

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