Man of the House

Damn Straight!

Unless you count the dog , I am the only man in the house.  The dog has no testicles, and has no opposable thumbs with which to swing a hammer, drive in a bolt, etc.  What this all boils down to is that I periodically attempt to “man up” and get shit done around the house.  I -attempt- to do this stuff myself for a number of reasons (see manifesto for more):

  1. My wife is generally disinterested in manual labor or fix it projects.  In fact she is an orderly person who is extremely averse to disarray.  This makes fix it projects a natural draw.
  2. I am cheap.  There is nothing as infuriating as spending a crapton of money on stuff I can do myself.  This goes for oil changes, minor fixes, etc.
  3. It’s fun.  In a masochistic insane laugh kind of way.
  4. My wife bought me a pretty impressive tool kit as my wedding present.  I’d be a damned fool if I didn’t put it to good use.

This page will mark all of the Do it Yourself (DIY) household projects I undertake.  It’s really a shame  I began this blog only recently, but there are tons of projects coming up that will be documented in careful detail.

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