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Reflections on Work/Life/School Balance

Note: I originally wrote this piece for a guest column on gradhacker during their parenting week, but they were full up on submissions, so it’s going on ze dadblog instead. Think work life balance is tough?  Try adding a full-time … Continue reading

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Downtime Abbey

Just getting around to posting a May flashback. This past weekend flew by.  I spent Saturday with the girls while wifey did some much needed post-pregnancy wardrobe purging and replenishing.  While I originally signed up for this thinking that she’d … Continue reading

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Beard, no more

Edit: Removing my beard also leaves me with one less way to be assaulted.  Also, as a bonus, kiddo still recognized me this morning. Many of you know that I first started “cultivating” my beard about six months after the munchkin arrived.  … Continue reading

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Man Up

About a week ago our garbage disposal mysteriously stopped working.  Wifey, who does not like to complain to the landlord about anything, insisted I make this call as she’d been in charge of the last few landlord issues. I sheepishly … Continue reading

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Just your garden variety landscaper

Over the past couple of weekends I have been working on a small backyard improvement project. After over a year of tolerating our glorified dog toilet, the wife and I decided it was time to act, and decisively. When we … Continue reading

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