About the Father

I’m just your average 20  30something father who tries not to take life too seriously.  Through my wife’s influence I have become a foodie who is too intimidated to cook.  I run for “fun”, and despite my aloof attitude, care deeply about the world around me.  I have a tendency to dive headfirst into exciting new things, often forgetting about the rest of the world for a brief while.  I have expensive taste, much like my dad, and have been known to spend way too much time researching my next purchase (much to my wife’s Chagrin) at the expense of quality time spent doing meaningful things.  Fortunately she’s very astute about these things and never fails to kick my ass when I’m dropping the ball.

Some of the things I love include: road trips (with good company), outdoor adventure, cycling (a recent rediscovery), creative photography, NPR, and yummy food/drink.  Above all I love my wife and child, despite how much they may drive me batty.

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