Back in the Saddle


Writing is hard work.  It’s even harder when you’ve spent most of your mental, emotional, and physical stamina grinding it out as a worker bee, father, husband, and doctoral student.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve already written plenty recently.  All of this isn’t to say, “Come join me at my private personal pity party,” but instead to simply provide myself an out for slacking on dadblogging for the last…well, let’s be honest here…year.  Since it would be a monumental task to recap I will collect some fragmented thoughts, and then perhaps a few bullet points upon which to elaborate in future posts.

Deja Vu?

If I seem like I’m complaining about how much I have on my plate, I need only reflect on my duties as compared to the wifey and I am humbled.  The kids require a focus and dedication that is all-consuming.  I am even more humbled by people who have more than two kids.  I’m also mystified by the process of managing to procreate after spending your days .  Only a few generations ago family size was much higher.  Yay birth control!


So here I am, it’s December already.  My “newborn” is nearly ten months old, eating solid foods by the fistful while refusing to be spoon-fed, and climbing up on everything.  My “toddler” is a full blown kid, making silly faces, telling jokes, living out mermaid princess librarian fantasies, and contesting bedtime on a near nightly basis with alacrity.  Woah.

Best, Chanukkah Present...EVER!


I used to be one of those guys who would scoff at parents who would knowingly smile and proclaim: “Enjoy every moment; blink and they’ll be off to college, getting married, etc. etc. etc.”  barf.  Only now I find myself wondering where the time went.  Four years?  Two of which have been spent now in Long Beach.  I almost caught myself uttering the same cliche to some poor sleep deprived sap of a new dad the other day and did a double take.

Rainbow Brite?

Flamingo Fabulousness

We took a family vacation in late August, burning the last of our delta miles.  How a trip to Costa Rica cost fewer miles than to HI is beyond me, but it was a glorious time nonetheless.  Now that we have to pay full freight for Thing 1, however, vacation plans will be limited to day trip range.  I guess I’d better get a subscription to Sunset or AAA magazine or something for inspiration.

In for a fun red eye

Playa Flamingo Sunset

My Blog Banner is woefully outdated.  I am aware of this.  I will get to it eventually.  In the meantime, we’ll just ignore it.

Future Posts

Fat 2013

I’ve pretty much let myself go this year.  This is a repeat of 2010, when Thing 1 was born.  It was followed by Fit 2011.  Things will normalize in Fit 2014.

Physical Play

I’ve noticed a trend about the way I play with the kiddo as compared to wifey.  This is a good thing.

Second Child Syndrome

So have I evolved as a parent, or are second kids really easier?  Or both?

Sleep Debates

Do I go to bed early and get that much needed rest?  Or do I stay up “late” and partake in much needed “grown up time?”  Is there a middle ground?

Man Time

Dude time is sorely lacking.

Proactive Parenting

Are some projects worth the effort?


How much of a say do we have as parents in shaping who our children become?

Expectations Misplaced

What is ‘reasonable’ to expect of a child?  Or an adult, for that matter?

The Universe: As Interpreted by a Three Year Old

You should hear what my little big kid has to say about…well..everything!


Because 6 months is a lot of cute to catch up on…

There's a resemblance I suppose...

Can't handle the cuteness

aaaand now I’m tired.  Night!


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2 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. I’m reading, B! Keep posting. I struggle to write too, but I’ll try.

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