Snapshot of Early Childhood Development

Thing 2 is going to be four months old in just about a week.  Four months.  Holy cow.

Ahoy, Matey!

While I haven’t been as good as photodocumenting every little nuance of her life as I did with Thing 1, I’ve certainly caught a few glorious moments.  She is inching closer to rolling over, sitting up by herself, and has been smiling almost constantly for about the last three weeks.  I can’t help but wonder some days if this isn’t some kind of ruse to ensnare us in dropping our guard as parents, but it’s just so disarming to see your little one greet you with a smile at every turn.  Especially when Thing 1 invokes her alter-ego, Scowly McScowlerson, Miss Personality with unpredictable alacrity.

Speaking of which, this post is really dedicated to Thing 1.  Year-end parent teacher conferences were last Friday, and while I couldn’t make the meeting at 11:30am on a Friday after taking time off for vacation recently, I did review the comments.  This is not about bragging but more about how just a few sentences strung together (aka, a paragraph), can so beautifully capture how my daughter is adjusting to society.  It’s utterly heart-swelling to read this stuff, not only as a matter of pride, but also from an understanding that there is something truly magical about how we unfurl and blossom as human beings.  It’s so easy as parents to forget at times that this little creature is only three years old, and yet we ask/expect so much of her.

If you had asked me before I had children how a three year old might act, think, and feel, I would have been totally off the mark.  I continue to be amazed and humbled by these little creatures.  Here are the narrative sections of her eval:

Personal/Social Responsibility:  T1 continues to make tremendous strides socially, emotionally, and conceptually.  She is beginning to demonstrate an eagerness to participate in classroom procedures, choosing an activity, and working independently.

Physical Development:  T1 continues to refine her small motor skills, sense of order and taking care of the environment in the “Practical Life” area.  She enjoys the art area, pouring exercises, and food preparation.  These will continue to help her improve her fine motor development.

Sensory Education: T1 has mastered the memory of her primary and secondary colors.  She is working on replicating patterns and memorization of a rectangle.  She is working on counting consistently to 10 without skipping.

Language Arts:   T1 is beginning to contribute to classroom discussions and express herself effectively to get her needs met.  She is drawing picture and dictating the meaning behind her drawings.  She is showing interested in the auditory analysis of the first sound in 3 letter phonetic words.

Summary:  T1 has adapted well to school and enjoys the social interaction.  She enjoys puzzles, toast/jam, pattern matching, and drawing.

beating the heat


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