Friday Fragments

I witnessed a couple of interesting things this morning on my ride in to work:

I saw a dad driving a car packed to the gills with children to what I have to imagine is school.  He seemed perfectly nonplussed by it all.  His secret?  Headphones.  Genius.

A dad walking his daughter to elementary school.  Holy crap, that will be me in just a couple of short years.  And you’d better believe I’m going to walk my kids to school, even if it means getting up a little earlier.  It’s rain-free 340 days of the year here and there’s no excuse for driving a quarter mile.

A car that passed me with inches to spare as I was claiming the lane on 3rd street.  This is the portion without a bike lane and no painted “sharrows” on the road.  99% of my vehicular interactions have been pleasant since living in this town, but every once in a while you get a jerk who has a bone to pick.  Even though there was no physical contact between me and the car, the experience was bone-chilling.  In a way when you’re on a bike you’re exposed to a lot of potential body trauma.  A helmet only covers a small fraction of that body, albeit a very important fraction.

To top it off, my mom ‘doored‘ some poor rider last night.  An accident of course, but then who ever really intentionally opens their car door to clothesline a cyclist.  They’re called accidents for a reason and the event is an indictment of our car-culture and failure as drivers to really give a proper nod to sharing the road.  All of this is also a reminder to be extra cautious while riding as my family depends on me and also to encourage friends and family to please shoulder check your driver’s side door whenever you are about to get out of your car.  Even if it’s a private suburban street.  You might save a life, or at minimum, plenty of head/heart ache.

Mother’s day is this weekend.  I’m terrible at planning special occasions, but I do have a few things up my sleeve this year.  Juggling a mom, stepmom, mother in law, wife, and two girls makes me really focus on priorities.  There’s a ford commercial that’s been airing a lot lately where they play on the options ‘and’ versus ‘or’ with regard to specialty features.  Aka you can have your cake ‘or’ you can eat it?  How does that make sense?  Mother’s day is turning into one of those instances where it winds up being ‘or’, due to personality conflicts.  It’s not about me, but who comes first?  I’d wager it’s my wife, but technically she’s not -my- mom, but the mother of my children.  So when the kids are older the onus is on them to do something special…right?  I don’t know what the Mother’s day pecking order is, but I’m going to operate under the assumption that wifey’s at the top of the list.  Happy wife, happy life.  Which reminds me, it’s my year to plan anniversary festivities.  I’d better get on top of that.


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6 Responses to Friday Fragments

  1. I am not so sure headphones are a good idea when you are driving. Also, he is shutting the kids out. Now, of course, that needs to be done for sanity sake at times.

  2. Right now it takes me half an hour to drive my kids to preschool, but if all goes according to plan, we’ll be moving a mile away from school next year. One of the big attractions for me was that I’ll be able to walk to school with my girl. Might still take us half an hour, but it’ll be much more fun.

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