New Addition

I’m already finding second child syndrome to be a real and inevitable phenomenon.  Witness: it has taken me just shy of a month to blog about the birth of my second child, Cecelia Rae.  When Thing 1 was born, the word was out almost instantaneously.  Anyway, no point in shaming myself…it’s just the reality that I haven’t found/made time to prioritize blogging.

Family time!

I’ve been too busy feeding, cleaning, tending to Thing 1, battling sleep deprivation, rushing to appointments, and oh, knocking things off of a massive to-do list.  I’m not typically one to make lists or cross things off, but I’m particularly proud of my productivity level during this time of paternity leave.  I’d list it all here but the specifics don’t matter, only the sheer quantity.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to take many photos and videos in spite of second child syndrome; it’s easy to forget, especially when there are so many competing demands for my attention.  Here’s Cece’s first bath in 3 parts:

One the main differences between the first and second so far is that I’ve been fortunate enough to have a proper paternity break.  What a blessing!  At my prior job the workplace offered no formal paternity benefit so I was using up what limited sick/vacation time I had accrued.  I also felt some internal pressure from the organization’s culture that implied I should return to work promptly.  Of course there was the preemie issue as well, which means the dilemma: do I take my leave and support my wife or wait to take the leave until baby is released from NICU?

Thing 1 is adapting really well for a three year old.  Holy smoke.  Three.  Yeah time flies.  The hardest thing is the lack of immediately available attention.  Both wife and I are constantly reminding her that she should try and do it herself, or she’ll need to wait because baby can’t do anything for herself yet.  Since she hates the sound of a crying newborn as much as anyone, she’s also eager to help out when we give her opportunities.  It will be curious to see how things go once I’m back at work.  Right now we’re evenly matched.

I can’t believe I’ve been home for nearly a month.  It’s blurred past.  Tomorrow, I return to work.  I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared but have to remember most people aren’t so lucky.

I feel like my thoughts even as I write this are a bit disjointed and garbled, but I figured I should put something out before I return to the office.

So I’ll part with some photos of child harmony:




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3 Responses to New Addition

  1. Congrats on the new addition.
    Garbled thought – the lack of sleep will do that.
    Enjoy the growing family.

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