So my little rant?  Evidently, I installed some time back, an extension on firefox called “lazarus”.  If you don’t have it installed, stop what you’re doing, open another tab, and add it to your browser.  As the name of the extension implies, this post was resurrected by right clicking in the form field, and clicking the little ankh-like icon that says “recover text”.  Thank you internet overlords (computer nerds) who developed this software.  I am at your mercy.  Now, on to the original post…

Time…oh how it slips through our grasp.  I’ve heard on any number of occasions adults reflect on how time flows much more rapidly as a grown-up than when you’re a kid.  Theories abound; but the one that seems to resonate most is the ever expanding time lapse between major milestones as you age.  When you’re a kid, something new and incredible seems to happen almost daily.  As adults…not so much.  Even if you seek out magic in your everyday life.  I challenge my readers to recall exactly what they ate 5 days ago for lunch, along with the conversation that accompanied the meal.  Can’t remember?  You’re not alone.

Anyway, all of this is to say, 6 months gone and no updates.  Shame on me.  This isn’t about my shame, though.  It’s about my experience as a father, husband, and dude in general.

Sometimes writing about all this is effortless. I relish those moments of reflection that bring a grin to my face.  Most of the time though, and especially lately, it’s felt as if taking the time out of my day to record my observations is more trouble than its worth.  I think that I know deep down it’s worth the effort, but when my days conclude at 8:30, I’ve barely got enough mental/emotional capacity to engage my wife, let alone scribe meaningful musings on life.  All this is to say, somehow I blinked and half a year has swiftly passed by.
It would be foolish to attempt to document in meticulous detail everything magical that has transpired since my last post, but I will attempt to highlight some of the more exciting developments in semi-chronological order.  Each of these little things deserves a post of their own, but as Joni Mitchell once sang, “We can’t go back, we can only look behind from where we came…”

  • Disneyland.  2nd time’s a charm
  • Talking – Phrases and sentences?  Check.  The kid even vocalizes opinions now. Crap.
  • Miscarriage.  It’s emotional for dads too, people.
  • Hair.  Seriously, she should be in a pantene commercial.  (her back is still hairy though, ha ha)
  • Princess obsession.  Full blown.  Ariel everything.
  • Mommy for everything.  I swear it’s like most days she finds me repugnant if mommy is around.  When it’s the two of us it’s like we’re homies 4 life!  Manic!
  • 8 Day Vacation Trip to the Pacific Northwest – Child needs her routine.
  • New neighbors!
  • Dance parties like woah.
  • TV time creep.
  • Laundry monster!
  • Baby O 2.0.  Due 2/20.  Stay tuned for gender update on 9/26!
  • Sick wife.  Caring for two some days.
  • Work life balance.  While I’ve always had a “work to live” approach to my job, I am experiencing the budget cycle first hand.  Long hours.
  • Bike commuting ramps up.  Crossed the 1K mile mark.  Woo.
  • Potty training.  Check.
  • Preschool.  It’s begun.
  • Big girl bed.  Pending.  Need to get my research on.
  • Health/weight management.  I signed up for a half marathon?
  • A whole host of other things I’ve already (sadly) forgotten.

But that’s all right.  Onward.  More to come.  I leave you with miss personality, enjoying a shot of frosting from the local cupcakery.
Pure sugar.


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  1. It’s great to hear you are well my friend. Take care.

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