Man Up

About a week ago our garbage disposal mysteriously stopped working.  Wifey, who does not like to complain to the landlord about anything, insisted I make this call as she’d been in charge of the last few landlord issues. I sheepishly called the landlord to complain about our “broken” disposal.  This on the heels of some major work on other plumbing issues to the tune of several thousand dollars over the past month.  We just thought it was old and dead.  After all, these things happen.  Instead of being dead, a mysterious rock turned up.  Hmm.  Didn’t I see wifey cleaning the fishtank in the sink not too long ago?  And doesn’t that fish tank have rocks in it?

We played innocent…maybe there were some gritty rocks in our produce?  Yeah…that’s it!  After I got home that day, when Jackie debriefed me, I suggested no longer cleaning our rocky fish tank in the kitchen sink to prevent future jams.  Makes sense, I would think.  Or at least covering the disposal with something to keep the rocks out.

So when the garbage disposal seized up again this morning after I noticed Jackie cleaning the fishtank in the kitchen sink again, I wanted to scream.  Sticking my hand in the drain, I pulled out a day’s worth of food bits.  Boy was that ripe.  Photos omitted for the weak of heart.

I got pretty frustrated as some of the parts weren’t budging.  But.  Manly self empowerment prevailed and we saved what I estimate to be about $100 on a handyman house call.

Joe Plumber?

So I managed to get it all sorted out on my own.  And look what I found?

Little bastards...
Please let there not be a third time…


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