Random Observations

Age two is proving to be quite fun.  For instance:

Tonight we decided to dine out instead of heading home after the park.  Since we had Izzy with us, we were relegated to the patio area.  The dog was partitioned on the sidewalk adjacent to our table with a bowl of water, but the munchkin insisted on keeping him company.  this involved spilling his water.  She was very concerned about this and spent oh I don’t know…maybe 15 minutes, with a few cloth napkins not only mopping up the water, but also the wet footprints of passers by.  For some reason I found this incredibly endearing.  As did the people who observed this from multiple vantage points (sidewalk, restaurant, bar next door, etc…)

Last night I discovered a pleasant little game with the child.  It’s called “Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Hop to their Doom.”  All you need is a box of cheddar bunnies, or other edible snack that could “hop”.  Then, you gently toss them on hard surfaces, causing them to bounce.  Squeals of joy, chase, pounce, devour.  I thought it couldn’t get any better until I had a stroke of genius.  Giant bunny hops, straight into my mouth.  That’s right, toss up a bunny and catch it in my mouth.  The child was downright jubilant at this game.  With each attempted chomping, she’d proclaim, “more, dada, more!”  So much fun.

Oh.  on the way home tonight, wifey and I picked up some mediocre choc. croissants for dessert.  The child must have felt the same way about them, because she only made it through a fraction of the chunk we gave her. I mean, come on… this is a buttery, sugary, flakey delicacy we’re discussing.  Anyway, being the sugar junkies we are, when she tossed the remainder aside, wife swoops in, and takes a chunk out of half of it, and hands it to me.  I decided to partake.  “Ugh, it’s soggy!  Oh well.”

So I’m thinking to myself, when did it become acceptable to just pop a half licked soggy pastry in my mouth?  When did I become that parent?  You know,  the seagull type who disregards any sense of “disgusting” vomit, snot and poop (or really, anything germy) interactions.  This isn’t the first time I’ve caught myself finishing off her leftovers, either.  The worst part is, I know it won’t be the last, and my pangs of guilt are diminishing.

One last thing.  Took the kid to Disneyland for the first time this weekend.  Let’s just say that it was an experience that merits its own post.  I’ll get around to it eventually.  I just couldn’t let these observations pass by because they’re so unique to this age and I’d hate to forget how much fun I’m having on this perplexing journey of self discovery called child rearing.


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