Take me out

to the ball game!

Play Ball!

Clan Olin @ SJ Giants


The only way this could have been more awesome was if she had a uniform.

Last night was the little one’s first excursion to a (semi) pro baseball game…the San Jose Giants!  A ball at its finest!  Joining us were our entourage of (babyless, unfettered) friends , and a jolly time was had by all.  We initially had planned to skip the outing because someone was dealing with double ear infections, following her bout with roseola and a canine tooth.

Despite all of our concerns, it was so hot in Los Gatos yesterday while I was at work that I called Jax up and insisted that we attend the game with our friends, Vivi’s tempestuousness be damned.  So she came over, but not without insisting on feeding herself in town before we got to the stadium.  You have to understand that my wife grew up without ever really eating fast food.  Anyway, we ate at a greek restaurant in town, but I declined, instead anticipating the smorgasbord that lay in wait for me at San Jose Municipal Stadium.

When I was a kid, even before I understood the mechanics of sports, I knew I liked going to sporting events.  Tailgating, crowds, excitement.  It was all very riveting.  Most of all, though I remember that at ball games, there were no restrictions on food.  Soda, pizza, popcorn, licorice ropes, peanuts.  All fair game.  No holds barred.  Last night, I relived that joy, and Vivienne also got a taste of the future.

No words, no words. They should have sent a poet.


Mm, first churro, and boy is it delicious!

When we got home, as I lay in bed, my stomach was making all kinds of funny noise, I cursed my forgetfulness.  With such food comes a price.


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4 Responses to Take me out

  1. is that nachos? it looks like an art project!!! 🙂

  2. Dallas says:


    Vivi is SO cute! OMG!

    Also, you’ve lost a TON of weight! You look great bro!

    So, in case you didn’t know, a lot has happened here at the Baker household. The two biggies?

    1) Daddy got a job with LA County Regional Planning.
    2) And “oh yeah”, I’m gonna be a daddy! :oD

    Giao is due December 25th! Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

    BTW – your blog is awesome! I’m going to be mining it for tips. And I love the Repair Manifesto! Rock on !

    Hope you well. Give my love to Jax and V!


    – Dallas Baker

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