Just your garden variety landscaper

Over the past couple of weekends I have been working on a small backyard improvement project. After over a year of tolerating our glorified dog toilet, the wife and I decided it was time to act, and decisively.

Succulents from Plant Sale 2010

Surviving Succulents

When we bought our home in 2009, our garden was…well.  It was kind of sad looking.  The previous owners had prettied the place up with dozens of potted plants.  It was amazing.  They took them all with then they left, despite our best effort to negotiate them into the purchase.  So we had to start from scratch figuring we’d someday get the garden back to its former glory. We set up a $100/month budget on garden stuff, be it plants, pottery, or other supplies, with the idea that eventually our garden would rock.  We did this successfully for about 4 months, until we learned about a once-yearly event.

Ever since we discovered the Cabrillo College annual Mother’s Day Plant sale, we’ve consolidated all of our garden purchases into one glorious event.  This also means that instead of spending roughly $1200 a year, we can lay out about a third of that in one big sum and make out like bandits.  This year we spent about $300 on plants and another $100 on garden supplies.

Witness the "Ugly" Winter Garden

Plenty of Room for Improvement

Product Placement

The Vision

Oh how I wish I’d had the foresight to take a few better “before” pictures.  EDIT: Thanks to my mom, Kathie for thinking to take some photos while visiting back in February, 2011.  As for what possessed her to photograph our ugly yard…who knows?  I’m grateful nonetheless.  Anyway.  Note the huge patches of dead earth, crappy grass, and, there may be a dog poop cameo in there someplace.  Not exactly the ideal environment in which children to be crawling.  Fortunately, Jax had a plan, which I executed almost to perfection.  Despite her help and some aid from our friend Michelle, I would like to take credit for at least 80% of the finished product.  Also special thanks to Michelle for donating the flagstone, which she had left over from her own project.


2 Weekends of Back Crunching Work Later...

Anyway, this is really a pat myself on the back post, because I worked my bottom off, earned some battle scars (blisters), and have thoroughly turned our dump of a backyard into something aesthetically pleasing.  Now, just have to wait for the plants to fill in a bit more.

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  1. love the new blog look! thumbs up!

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