Hair today, gone tomorrow…

The kid’s hair is getting long. Mainly her bangs. My approach has been to just suffer through this awkward hair stage and let it run its natural course. I was sure that my wife was on board with me on this. She’d verbalized her assent on the matter numerous times when people would comment on her bangs getting in her eyes, etc.

So why is this even worthy of a blog post, you might wonder. Well. Evidently…get this…women change their minds! An earth shattering revelation, I know. Something I should have clearly anticipated.

The lone remaining defender of pure, unhacked hair, I pressed my stance one last time. To which my wife replied; ‘I’m getting the scissors.” So really, what it boils down to in this house is, am I going to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?

Fast forward to five minutes later, and what you have is this mess:

Bad Hair!  ohnoes

Yep. Butchered by yours truly. Woops!


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2 Responses to Hair today, gone tomorrow…

  1. you ruined the baby! 😛

    (actually, you can barely tell her hair was cut)

  2. Madeline says:

    I think you should give her some sassy bangs like mine, then we can be twins 😀

    Lets hope you didn’t ruin her modeling career, she’ll be unhappy about that when she grows up!

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