Weekend Activities

As I write this entry, the kid is discovering her strength as she attempts to pull herself up from the floor to a stand on the edge of the couch. Evidently, also aspires to be an electrician as she has decided that anything with a cord is perfect for grasping and yanking.

Yesterday marked my second outing with the Santa Cruz Dad’s group. One thing I’ve really noticed as I have increasingly become more adult, especially now as a father, is that there is a distinct lack of male camaraderie in my life. In some ways it’s my own doing, but in many others it’s just the nature of things. It’s really symptomatic of the fact that my best friend is my wife, and generally speaking, when I’m not spending time with her, I’m at work. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for slamming beers and cheering on the Raiders or “los Doyjers”. Rather than lament and complain, well, actually I did some of that prior to the advent of this blog. But I digress. I eagerly anticipated the day when the kidlet would be old enough for me to take her on outings with the dad’s group on Saturday mornings.

The group itself is pretty cool. It spawned out of a combination need for quality time with the kids among busy working dads, and providing a much-needed kid-free morning/afternoon for inundated moms. Mostly “older” dads (you pretty much HAVE to be, if you’re serious about family planning in SC – by the time you save up enough cash for a nest egg to support them, you’re easily mid-late career. Or some serious Silicon Valley wealth.) Many a joke was cracked about me bringing down the average age of the group. Meanwhile, the kids in the group range from kidlet’s age to about six. I’m really looking forward to making this a regular Saturday event. One of the nicer dads also happened to be at this morning’s Temple fun in Aptos. Small world.

At any rate yesterday was the Santa Cruz Holiday Parade and Dad’s group got together for the third year in a row to form “Precision Stroller Drill Team.”

Uber-dorky, but tons of fun and a big hit at the parade! Good thing we landed that BOB revolution, huh. Depending on how things go I may even get to be next year’s organizer as many of the other kids are outgrowing stroller-ability.

Parade in Action

As a reward for all of the fun activities we planned yesterday, she also gave me a goodnight present.



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3 Responses to Weekend Activities

  1. Miss Madeline says:

    Oh my god, is that projectile vomit…all over…oh god….i cant look

  2. ChaseK8 says:

    hahahaha…very cute…looks like you are having a lot of fun!!!

  3. Greg says:

    Great to have you join the Dads Group and
    to get out there on the streets with us
    for the Precision Stroller Drill Team,
    See ya at a lot more Saturdays ahead.

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