Sleep Highs, Lows and Woes

You know, it’s funny.  Just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing in the bag, the kid throws a wrench in the spokes.  Wifey and I had managed to choke down the heart-wrenching sleep training process over the course of the past month.  It had actually gotten to the point where we could put her down without any rocking and then leave the room.

Guilt-laden nail biting would ensue.  We’d lock eyes, wondering if we were horrible torturous baby-traumatizers.  We lost sleep wondering if we were somehow scarring her for life.  Meanwhile as we’d nervously lay awake wondering if we were crippling our child’s future development, baby would zonk out within 5-10 minutes.  AND, she’d sleep for 8 hour stretches.  We eventually accepted this as ‘normal’ and too, began to sleep in long uninterrupted stretches.  (at least I did!) All was well in the universe.  Parenting triumph!

But nooooo!

In the wake of a massive archipelago of tooth eruption (3 teeth in less than 2 weeks), munchkin decided that she was not having any more of the sleep training crap we were forcing upon her.  Sleeplessness was the new normal while the tectonic activity in my daughter’s mouth pushed all of us to the brink.  We’re still not back to where we were a month ago despite the teething calming down.

Last weekend we stayed up in the city with our dear friends whose daughter shares the same birth date as ours.  Kidlet refused to sleep anywhere but in our arms.  Except guess who couldn’t sleep with a baby on her chest?  Right.  So pass it to the narcoleptic husband, right?  Right.  Somehow I even managed to sleep on my back despite having a snuggle bug all cuddled up in the crook of my arms.  I’ve decided that it’s okay to have family bed under these extreme circumstances, when we’re not at home.  Hey, we can’t have her getting spoiled with this kind of stuff regularly happening.  We both agreed that co-sleeping would put too much strain on our relationship, so it’s back to the drawing board.

I long for those 8 hour stretches.  Funny enough, I think my wife longs for them even more.

All cozy on the hide-a-bed


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One Response to Sleep Highs, Lows and Woes

  1. Madeline says:

    I think it’s best to not keep the snuggle bug in bed with you guys. Who knows, she might end up being 17 and not wanting to leave the bed. 😉

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