So.  In an effort to blend in the with the rest of the suburban yuppie crowd, I caved in and initiated the search for the elusive high-end “jogging” stroller.  Truth is, most people don’t use these things to jog, they use them as the SUV equivalent to what most reasonable people consider to be the modern day lightweight stroller.   The lumbering frames  of these behemoth strollers are reputed for cruising over any kind of urban obstacle in the road you can imagine: pavement cracks, curbs, twigs, rocks, small animals, people.  All of this without even so much as alerting your baby that something is amiss.  I mean, how many people really take their bigass honking trucks off-roading?  The same principle applies to these strollers.  I swear to god this thing is like the Denali of the stroller world, and here I am trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Anyway, back to me.  My primary reason for wanting one of these yuppie glidewagons, aside from the fact that all the cool parents have jogging strollers was that I actually intend take the kidlet out with me on runs.  This achieves two goals.  I get some much needed exercise, and wifey gets some much needed baby-free time.  As a bonus, baby gets some scenery.  Win x3, right?  After careful research I knew that the Bob Revolution was the right stroller. A blend of functionality with the fixed wheel option for serious running.

What’s so revolutionary about this damned thing anyway?  By the way, for those of you in the market, these things retain value like crazy.  People sell them used and abused on craigslist for like 10% below retail.  Amazing.  No but really, the “revolution” is called such because the front wheel swivels 360 degrees for unparalleled control of your three wheeling monstrosity.  Clearly I need exactly this:

Being the bargain hunter that I am, and a sufferer of expensive taste, I took the only logical course of action: hit up craigslist with a syndicated search in my google reader. It finally paid off with a luxe newish navy blue Bob stroller at a fraction of retail price from a nice family in Scotts Valley.

So I took the stroller (and baby) out for its first jog the other day with a friend and of course the front wheel is misaligned when fixed. What this amounted to was alternating the use of my upper body to correct the pulling stroller and tilting the thing back on just two wheels so I could actually maneuver. Exhausting.  Don’t even get me started on pushing the damned thing uphill.  I’ll admit I wimped out halfway through and passed the jogger to my friend, insisting between pants, ‘you push it.  too.  tired.’  It was a serious workout.  My friend concurred. At any rate, it appears that the solution now is to tinker with that front wheel.  Steering is still difficult though, so perhaps I’ll just run with the swivel feature on and call it okay.


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One Response to Yogging

  1. In an effort to blend in the with the rest of the suburban yuppie crowd

    dude, you live in Santa Cruz. to keep up with the Joneses you need to find a wearable baby carrying jogger 😛

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