Night Shi(f)t

Preface: Baby is teething. This is tooth #4, front right. The tooth is rupturing the gum line as of yesterday and will likely push through tonight. I attempted to photo document this process but not surprisingly, the baby was uncooperative. (see below)

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We have (had?) plans to join some friends for dinner tonight in Monterey for restaurant week. Let me check with my magic 8 ball. Will I get to go out for a yummy dinner tonight?

‘Outlook bad.’


Anyway. Back to this post. For a great while now, my wife has been running on minimal sleep. In an effort to be the chivalrous “good husband” I have offered countless times to take the night shift and allow her a night of much-needed uninterrupted rest. I have done this with limited success a handful of times. My latest brilliant idea was for wifey to pop an ambien and I would wake up to tend to the baby. This suggestion has been met with a resounding ‘no way, no how’ every time it is brought up. I continued to bark up that tree, but my barking has been silenced for good as of this morning.

The baby was up every 2 hours last night. Evidently, in my deep sleep, I actually semi-woke up to the baby WAILING on the monitor. Turned on the video screen, glanced at it with a blank stare, and switched it off. That’s right. I turned off the monitor mid baby-scream, and promptly went back to sleep. Evidently when I am in deep REM the baby monitor is equivalent to an alarm clock, that I can just turn off at my leisure, or upon which I can at least hit the snooze button. My wife filed that tidbit away to share with me this morning as the final shred of evidence in the case of night care of the baby v. ambien. On the bright side, I’ve officially passed the buck on one of the most difficult parenting chores without even trying!

So maybe it’s just karma that when I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning and went to change the baby, she decided it would be fun to poop all over me while squirming around in it.


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3 Responses to Night Shi(f)t

  1. Miss Madeline says:

    Oh man that last shot of her is great. You can see that little tooth coming in! So cute, but so much pain for her. And no sleep for you! 🙂

  2. Chris Magyar says:

    You know I’d never be one of those childless mooks who gives out parenting advice. And I will continue not to be such a mook! I am, however, not above adult care advice: stay away from that Ambien stuff, man. It’s ugly, ugly stuff. Seriously. It’s eaten my mom’s brain.

    On a lighter note, Viv is gorgeous! Good blog!

  3. ChaseK8 says:

    hahahaha….well I also have an 8 month old teething daughter and yes the night time wakings really are joyful…I don’t think you know the amount of fun you have unknowingly passed up…but good for you being a loving husband and offering that support….on the brightside at least your wife can sleep in after the long nights with you takining the early-morning shift!!!!! Oh and P.S. gripe water sometimes works wonders (I opt for the kind with alcohol, but that is just a personal preference), but you have probably figured that out already!!!! Good luck and your baby is adorable…look forward to hearing about more!!!

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